10-Day Closing Guarantee will accelerate your closing time!

MyPrimeHomeLoan.com has rolled out our newest and FASTEST program- the 10-Day Guaranteed Closing Purchase Program! We can close your new home financing and have you into your home within 10 days from your accepted offer! We push ourselves to break record numbers in Days-to-Close, and our newest program beats all other Lenders! This program WILL help you beat out Cash Buyers!

We are first in the County to create the '10 day close guarantee', which allows borrowers to have the same advantage as cash buyers when their submitted offer is accepted!

We'll also back it with the promise of a $100 per diem penalty to the seller.  The '10 Day Quick Close Guarantee' timeline begins when the consumer completes their application & indicates their intent to proceed.  With our clients cooperation, we go out of our way to honor a true 10-Day Close to compete and beat other offers including Cash Offers.
We fully underwrite the clients file prior to locating their new home.  This allows us to immediately order the appraisal and get across the goaline within 10 days!

Call us today to get started! (800)600-MPHL ext 102!

10-Day Guaranteed Purchase Program